Dinwiddie High School

Code of conduct



1.1) Upon entering the classroom learners must stand next to their desks and wait until the educator has       greeted them and instructed them to be seated.

1.2) Each learner is responsible for his/her desk and must ensure that the desk remains clean at all times.

1.3) Desks and any other property in the classroom may not be removed or defaced in any way       whatsoever.

1.4) No littering in the classroom. Litter must be placed in wastepaper basket.

1.5) Eating is not allowed in the classroom. Chewing gum is totally banned on the school premises.

1.6) When the principal or any staff member enters a classroom, learners must stand and greet the visitor        and wait until they are instructed to be seated.

1.7) Absolute silence must prevail while visiting staff member is present.

1.8) Learners must at all times show respect for their educators and class members in the way they speak        and behave towards them.

1.9) If an educator is required to leave the classroom, learners must behave appropriately and the        subject/class monitor must report the absence of the educator to the admin office.

1.10) School books must be neatly covered. The learner’s name, grade, class and subject must appear on         the front cover.

1.11) When the bell rings, books must be packed away once the educator has instructed learners to do so.

1.12) The educator will instruct learners to stand. Chairs and tables must be moved into position and any          litter picked up. Once the educator has greeted the class, the class is to exit in an orderly fashion.

1.13) Only one learner may leave the classroom during periods in exceptional cases with a pass-out given         by the educator.

1.14) Learners must raise their hands if they wish to speak.

1.15) All learners must allow every other learner in the class the right and opportunity to learn.

1.16) Learners arriving late for class will serve detention on the same day.

1.17) Learners must adhere to the set of classroom rules as set at the discretion of the department head         of the specific subject/learning area.


2.1) Learners are not allowed in the toilets without permission.

2.2) Nobody is permitted to run along the corridors.

2.3) Educators must remain outside their classrooms during the change-over

to control the movement of learners.

2.4) Learners must move quickly and quietly on the left hand side of the corridor.


3.1) Assemblies will be held on a Monday. When the bell rings learners must proceed to the hall and line up in their homeroom classes at the allocated doors.

3.2) Learners must enter the hall in a quiet and orderly manner. Silence must be maintained throughout the assembly.

3.3) Assemblies will be concluded with the singing of the National Anthem and the school song.

3.4) At the end of assembly learners are to report to their homeroom classes immediately in an orderly fashion.



4.1) Toilets must be kept clean at all times.

4.2) No male/female learners may enter or use toilets designated for the opposite gender.

4.3)Smoking is prohibited in the toilets and on the school premises.


4.4) Learners are not allowed on the corridors, staircases or in the classrooms without permission during breaks.

4.5) All litter must be placed in the bins provided. Litter may not be thrown on the school grounds. We are proud of our grounds and would like to keep them clean.

4.6) Learners may not leave the school grounds during school hours.

4.7) No learner may receive visitors during school hours.

4.8) No smoking or gambling on the school grounds.

No ball games allowed in the school buildings.


5.1) Learners are encouraged to participate in extra-murals

5.2) When participating in matches against other schools, learners must at all times be dressed in correct sport kit; display sportsmanship; treat learners from the visiting school in a courteous manner.

5.3) School property and equipment, the property of other schools must be respected.

5.4) Learners to leave the school premises in full school uniform after a practice or a match.


6.1) Learners must be dressed in full school uniform for one day excursions.

6.2) Excursions, outings and camps are organised at the discretion of the school. Such excursions are a privilege and not a right.

6.3) Learners are invited to attend excursions using criteria determined by the school. These criteria vary according to the nature of the excursion. Learners who have a history of misbehaviour may be excluded from attending excursions.

6.4) Learners are expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times while on an excursion. The staff member/s accompanying learners are to be treated with the utmost respect at all times and must adhere to the instructions of said staff member/s.

6.5) Learners whose behaviour contravenes accepted norms or whose behaviour brings disrepute to the school may immediately be excluded from any further participation in the excursion concerned.

6.6) Any learner found in possession of or under the influence of any habit-forming substance/s (including cigarettes and alcohol) as well as any learner who uses or who is found in the possession of a dangerous weapon will be severely dealt with. Such learners will be excluded from further participation and will be required to return home immediately. Should the learner’s parents be unable to fetch him/her, the cost of the return journey will be borne by the learner’s parents or guardians.

6.7) Any learner whose behaviour on an excursion contravenes the school’s Code of Conduct will be dealt with on return to school in accordance with the school’s disciplinary process.

6.8) Misbehaviour on an excursion may result in a learner being excluded from any further excursions.



1. If a learner is absent from school, he/she must on his/her return submit a written signed note from the parent/guardian with a contact number to the homeroom teacher.

2. If a learner is absent for 2 or more school days, a doctor’s certificate indicating the reason for absence must be submitted.

3. If a learner is absent for a scheduled standardised test or examination, a doctor’s note must be produced stating that the learner is too ill to write. Failure to do so will result in the learner obtaining zero for the test or exam.

4. The parents/guardians of learners who are persistently absent will be interviewed by the designated HOD in charge of the grade.


1. Names of learners who arrive late for school will be noted by the secretaries of the school and educator in charge. These learners will be placed on detention on the same day for 1 hour. Failure to attend this detention will result in the learner being dealt with in accordance with the school’s disciplinary process.

2. Learners who arrive late for school will remain outside the school until the end of period 1. Learners will then report to the admin office to be noted and then to report to their homeroom educator to be marked present.

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