Dinwiddie High School

Vision & Mission


We, at Dinwiddie High School, are committed

to excellence in education.

We aim at unearthing raw

and undiscovered talents of

our learners to enable our learners to

competitively engage themselves

in the development of our country


To this end, we shall strive together

with all stakeholders to achieve

a participatory democratic process

which leads to effective communication;

to implement a dynamic curriculum relevant

to the needs of our leaners; and

to provide a holistic education

which will enable them to realise their full potential

within an ever-changing society.

We are not frightened by the challenges

of reality so we work, plan, build and dream

Our talent, discipline and integrity

will be our contribution

to a new world and in this way, we shall extend

the spirit of Dinwiddie High School

into the broader community.

Diwiddie High Schhol     FAITH & HOPE